The feature of using a double-glazed window filled with argon gas


The feature of using a double-glazed window filled with argon gas

A double-glazed window is a window that is created with a set of two window panes. The window panes are placed separately in the space of the window frame and there is air in the space between the two panes.

The space between two glasses is known as a cavity. This air-filled cavity helps to insulate and reduce outside noise. In recent years, some double-glazed windows have been made with a different inert gas, because normal air is mainly nitrogen and oxygen.

Argon is the most popular and widely used. It is completely safe to use argon gas as a substitute for air in a double-glazed window. It should be noted that air is less insulating than filling gases, and since argon gas is denser than air, adding it to the glass unit in double-glazed windows improves thermal insulation efficiency.

If you are worried about using argon gas in your double-glazed windows, you should know that argon is an inexpensive, non-toxic, colorless and odorless gas that occurs naturally and makes up less than 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere. Currently, it exists naturally in the air and the leakage of the gas trapped between the two layers of the window is very low and about 1% per year, but still, in case of argon gas leakage, this gas will not harm you.

Of course, this new idea of filling the cavity of double-glazed windows with argon gas may be slightly higher in price than the usual double-glazed windows filled with air. However, when argon glass is used, the energy efficiency savings come into play! If you use argon gas in double-glazed windows, you can save up to 30% on household energy bills.

Argon is an inert gas found in our atmosphere. When your windows are filled with argon, the efficiency of the window increases slightly. Because argon is more dense than air and works better in insulating your home than a regular double-glazed window.

پنجره دوجداره پرشده با گاز آرگون

What is a thermal window?

Thermal windows, also called insulated glass units or IGUs, are double-glazed or triple-glazed. This means that each part of the window has two or three layers of glass with a sealed space between them. Spaces are filled with argon or other gases to reduce heat transfer through the window.

Gases such as argon are preferable to air because air contains moisture that can condense inside the glass units and cloud the window. (Of course, this happens over time.)

What is the use of double-glazed windows?

Since older windows are usually single-paned or double-paned, they can be inefficient. This results in heat loss through the glass itself. Depending on the type of material the window frames are made of, as well as the insulation around the window, more heat and cool air loss may result in higher energy costs.

But today, double-glazed windows can be filled with argon gas to help insulate the room and minimize heat transfer through the window glass.

While argon injection into double-pane windows can be more expensive initially than cheaper, air-filled double-pane windows, the long-term benefits of using these windows will be energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

In fact, you may spend more in the beginning, but in the long run, in addition to reducing energy consumption (in the hot season, it will be cold insulated and in the cold season, it will be heat insulated), you will also prevent noise from entering and leaving the house. These two advantages, i.e. more comfort and lower cost, are the advantages of using a double-glazed window filled with argon gas.

3 ways to detect the presence of argon gas in a double-glazed window

The fact that you can detect the presence of argon gas in your double-paned window, in addition to increasing the trust and confidence of the window seller’s product, makes you better evaluate the quality and condition of your double-paned window.

You can use one of the following ways to make sure that the gas trapped between two window panes is argon or not.

  1. The presence of an integrated spacer between two glasses

In order to increase the insulation percentage and quality of double-glazed windows and better maintain argon gas between two window panes, it is better to use integrated spacers.

  1. There is a temperature difference between the outer and inner walls of the glass

The argon gas between the two window panes acts like a thermal insulator, that is why if there is enough argon gas between the two panes, the temperature inside and outside will be different, and this problem can be easily solved by touching the inner and outer panes. is understanding

  1. Aluminum spacers for double-glazed windows that contain argon gas have gas injection valves.

Aluminum spacers and valves that are used to inject argon gas between two glasses have a higher price. These spacers are mostly used in upvc windows.

At the end

With stricter energy regulations in recent years, higher window efficiency standards must be met when new windows are installed. If you’re looking to replace your windows or renovate your home, just remember that installing argon-filled windows can help improve energy efficiency, lower energy costs, and provide more peace of mind by reducing outside noise.

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