Application of gases

Aerospace and aircraft manufacturing and the use of natural gases

Parsia Gas is ready to cooperate with companies that are specifically active in the field of aerospace and aircraft manufacturing, that by providing targeted solutions with production, consumers can reduce their production cost in addition to achieving high environmental and security standards. give and have the best performance in order to optimize their production system. At Parsia Gas, our effort is to increase your productivity.


Nitrogen in aviation and space industries

In aviation and space industries, in order to facilitate the production of very light, strong and resistant materials, it is used in wind tunnels with high Reynolds number, heat treatment furnaces, and autoclaves. Nitrogen is also used as an auxiliary gas in laser cutting.

Argon in the aerospace industry

It is a very important industrial fuel in the field of manufacturing lamps and lasers and is also widely used in welding industries. As a neutral gas, argon has general application in vacuum carburizing, as well as other heat treatments.

Helium in aviation and space industries

Helium, in both gas and liquid form, can be used as a lift gas and is also used to purge and pressurize liquid hydrogen fuel systems and detect leaks.

Entering neutral gas into the autoclave environment:

With regard to its technical knowledge, Parsia Gas announces its readiness to evaluate services and introduce neutral gas into the autoclave environment to optimize and increase the efficiency of industrial autoclaves and their productivity in the aerospace and aircraft industries.

Heat treatment:

Nitrogen heat treatment is cheap in various fields and with high productivity and efficiency, it is a great help in achieving the strict standards in the aerospace and aircraft industries.


They are used to provide uniform heating in sensitive preheating processes for hammering special alloys for jet engines and other sensitive parts of airplanes and aerospace industries.