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Parsiagas Company was established in 2010 with the implementation of the quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard as the largest provider of cryogenic services with the aim of producing and distributing oxygen, nitrogen, argon in liquid form, gas and mixed gases and calibration with laboratory purity.

With half a century of experience of the founders, together with a young and expert engineering team, we have taken a step to provide, support, and provide solutions to increase the productivity of our customers and preserve the planet.

We are proud to be recognized as a quality and reliable gas producer in the industry. We are always looking for improvement and progress, and by focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, we are looking for sustainable growth and development.

If you are looking for quality and reliable gas, contact us. We promise to provide you with the best service.

Sincerely, Parsiagas factory team

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