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Parsiagas Asia Faraz Company was established in 2013 with the aim of producing and distributing nitrogen, oxygen, argon in liquid form, gas and combined gases (mixed) with laboratory purity in Tehran province. Relying on the 50-year experience of the founders, managers, as well as the specialized and young engineering team, this company has taken a step in increasing productivity and meeting the needs of manufacturers in various industries. The quality of products with the desired purity percentage and the assurance of receiving orders on time in this industry have always been among the concerns of consumers. In order to solve these problems, Parsia Gas Company has resolved these concerns by providing solutions related to various industries, online positioning system, backup power plant and 24/7 support.

Parsiagas team

Parsiagas has brought together a group of technical and management elites who have doctorate, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in the fields of chemical engineering, electrical power, electricity and electronics, mechanics, industrial engineering, and engineering. The talented team of Parsiagas, who are both scientifically deep and have rich experience in the field of providing solutions, project management and research and development, committed and decided with the belief in “personal discipline and social commitment to integrate advanced technology with products”. To become a world-class gas analysis service provider.

How can Parsiagas help you?

Your goals are our goals, so no matter what you plan to achieve or what you want to achieve, we are ready to be your silent partner. So contact us to get the best productivity and solutions for your industry.

ParsiaGas team


Seyyed Abbas Faqhi


Mr. Abbas Faqhi was born in 1328 and entered the industry of production and distribution of medical and industrial gases from 1354. In his history, there is construction of 5 production line units and consultation in the field of construction of production units with the cooperation of managers of foreign companies. He has also worked as a consultant with government and private organizations in order to be more efficient in the use of oxygen, nitrogen and argon gases.

Seyyed Farzin Faqhi

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Farzin Faqhi was born in 1355 and after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Isfahan, he joined the production of medical and industrial gases with his father. With more than 20 years of management experience in production and research and development in the field of medical and industrial gases, he is currently the managing director of Sepahan medical and industrial gas production and distribution complex. This unit is the largest production unit in the field of gas production and also the largest distribution system of gas products in Isfahan.

Dr. Taghi Qafkazi

Member of the Board

Dr. Taghi Qafqazi, born in 1318, obtained a Ph.D. degree in pharmacology from the University of Isfahan, as one of the founders of this field in Iran, and has made great efforts in this regard. Currently, he is a member of the Gol Daru board of directors, a member of the scientific faculty of Isfahan University, and he is working as a pharmacologist doctor of Gol Daru Company, and many articles and books have been left behind by him, and we are proud that Mr. Taghi Qafqazi They are members of Parsiagaz’s board of directors.


Hamidreza Faqhi

Deputy CEO

Engineer Seyed Hamid Reza Faqhi, born in 1366, joined Parsiagas Company as an executive director after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in industries. He has 10 years of work experience in the field of project management and quality control of production and industrial units, and he is currently working as a member of the board of directors and deputy CEO of Parsiagaz Company. Mr. Faqhi has had a brilliant history in the field of medical and industrial gas production for research and development and academically.

Consultant colleagues

Dr. Farhoud Rismanchian

He graduated with a PhD in "Industrial Systems Engineering" from Yonsei University in South Korea. His experiences are around the use of analytical methods such as optimization based on mathematical models, process mining and machine language learning to obtain data-based solutions to improve the performance of industrial systems. His collaboration with Parsiagaz Group includes consulting on production planning and supply chain management with a focus on the fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation.

Niro Rasan Gostar Engineering Company; CEO: Engineer Mehrdad Ghorbani

This company was established in 1382 to provide engineering services for equipment supply and implementation of electrical and mechanical projects. As some of the activities of this company, we can mention consulting and monitoring services for projects of steel factories and transmission stations, transmission lines and small-scale power plants. Also, this company implements 230/33 KV Foulad Wayan substation and 230/63 distribution substation in Kaveh Industrial Town, Nahavand, etc. has been active The cooperation of this company with Parsiagaz Group includes consulting and design, mv power systems, consulting in the field of command circuit cabling and automation.


University of Tehran: research and development of industries and definition of university projects

Khorasan University: laboratory research, student internships, definition of academic proposals based on the needs of industries in increasing the efficiency of gas consumption.

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Parsiagas with up-to-date structure and standards

Relying on years of experience in the gas analysis industry and high technical knowledge, as well as with an advanced and up-to-date laboratory in the field of gas analysis, this company produces suitable products for industries in different conditions and provides its products based on customer orders. shows These products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, energy, food, agriculture, transportation, medicine and pharmaceutical industries, water saving, construction, scientific research and many other industries. It has been welcomed by users.

With the continuous improvement of technology and management, Parsiagas has committed to help increase the productivity of industries with new and up-to-date solutions, and to bring the business situation of customers to an optimal state by providing reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Parsiagas mission

We do our best to produce the best products in terms of quality and purity and to provide the highest productivity to industries by creating the best solutions and standards. With the lowest cost, the safest and fastest online distribution and positioning system, we offer customers a satisfying experience. Our strategy is to help customers as an expert and experienced consultant.

The vision of Parsiagas

The vision of Parsiagaz is to create a company that provides the best solutions and productivity for the highest benefit for various industries and hospitals in the West Asian region, and for ensuring safety, security and preserving the environment and improving industries and hospitals. is taking steps


Parsiagas CEO's message

The main pillar of competition in today’s market is understanding the needs of customers in their production and productivity. I am very proud that the Parsiagas group with its expert and young engineers has been able to take into account all the needs of the consumers in addition to paying attention to the quality in all sincerity and by providing new solutions not as a manufacturer but as a companion and consultant in Be with them.


Parsiagas's priority is safety. We believe that all accidents are preventable and that our work does no harm to people, communities or the environment. Therefore, we always strive to improve our safety culture and performance.


We always try to reach our goals ethically and with the highest honesty. Transparent and respectful interactions between management, employees and partners are our business priority.


We hold ourselves accountable for our performance, individually and collectively. We are focused on both what we achieve and how we achieve it, and we are committed to achieving individual and corporate goals.


We are always there for what needs to be done and collaborate with employees, partners and customers to solve problems and achieve goals.

trust building

We listen to our colleagues, partners and customers without judging them.


We are always creating innovations to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way.

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