Technical support and services of Parsiagas power plant

Parsiagas factory’s equipment sales and support team, using many years of experience in producing and maintaining high purity gases, will help you get the gas that suits your business needs in the shortest time, with the best quality. Parsiagas has a set of services and solutions for different industries of any size.

Parsiagas experts will cooperate with you from the beginning of cooperation with us to the end, so that you can order the desired product with excellent conditions in terms of price and quality. ParsiaGas guarantees to reduce the risks caused by product transportation and storage and to ensure that the quality of gas received is ideal for your business.


The services we provide at ParsiaGas.

The experienced team of ParsiaGas consists of engineers from various disciplines and they provide services such as air separation, liquid natural gas, hydrogen recovery, helium recovery and hydrocarbon processing facilities, etc.

Capital projects, repairs, development and upgrades

With decades of engineering and operational experience behind us, Parsia Gas can provide practical and cost-effective ways to help you achieve your goals, get in touch with us.

Design and repair of cold box

Our innovative teams of engineers, technicians and welders are here to facilitate the inspection, troubleshooting, repair or upgrade of your cold box, resulting in cost savings and reduced downtime.

Operator training

Whether you need to train new operators or give existing staff an opportunity to refresh and update their skills, Parsia Gas' experienced staff can provide the knowledge they need.

Control system upgrades and support.

We offer a wide range of services and support, from upgrading legacy systems to configuring systems for plant expansion that provides higher levels of automation and better system integration of plant and process data.

Customized technical service packages

Parsia Gas's customized technical service packages are designed to give your people the engineering and operational support needed to run your plant safely and reliably.

Customer support

Excellent customer service is our goal. We are dedicated to providing superior customer support through value added services. Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools and information to make doing business with us easier and more convenient. Through our full range of online services, you can place orders, download invoices, register for electronic payments and…

Order guide

There are other ways to register your orders with Parsia Gas. We have implemented a number of automated systems so that you can quickly access the information you need. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can always contact a Parsia Gas customer service representative through the contact us page for more information.

Order status

For the latest information on the status of your product order, please contact your Parsiagas customer service representative.

Cylinder holding

The cylinder bins are designed to give you a clear picture of the rental cylinders you currently own.

Inventory management

You can use inventory management to enter tank readings, register orders, view product usage, and notify Parsia Gas of changes in your production schedule. In fact, with our monitoring programs, you can control your gas consumption and your product will automatically refill at the specified time if needed. Product deliveries are scheduled from our hub, where we predict deliveries using our proprietary software and remote telemetry systems. Our fulfillment center can help you reduce inventory control and reporting costs and minimize delivery truck traffic at your location.

Inspection document belonging to the customer

The Customer Checklist provides system requirements for customers holding their tanks in preparation for an inspection by a product engineering technician prior to any delivery.