Gas Mixture

Gas mixtures are actually any combination of two or more gases. In Parsia Gas, we can mix from two gases to several gases with different components. Gas mixtures improve and optimize performance and reduce production costs, and as a result have many benefits for industries. At Parsiagaz, we consider the highest safety and quality standards for the production of gas mixtures for each mixture we produce. We produce industrial standard with industrially defined proportions and we can also create special mixes for customers for specific applications. With the help of the latest industrial equipment and gas mixing technology, we can provide you with any industrial gas mixture with an accuracy of +/- 1% of the components in the mixtures.


Gas mixtures for the food industry

The gas mixture in the food industry consists of nitrogen, oxygen, or carbon dioxide, which greatly reduces microbial growth, delays spoilage, and slows enzymatic and biochemical degradation. Protect the taste, aroma and texture of food and increase its shelf life without using preservatives.

Gas mixtures based on helium

Helium-enhanced gas mixtures ensure high-quality welding in the harshest environments. There are various types of gas mixtures with precise formulas at Parsia Gas to meet your GMAW, GTAW, PAW and laser welding needs.

Gas mixtures based on hydrogen

These hydrogen-enhanced compounds are available in a wide range of precision formulations for high-quality welding and cutting applications. So if you are looking to increase the quality of your welds in GMAW, GTAW or plasma welding, piping or cutting, a combination of these gas mixes is available for your needs and requests.

Laser gas mixture

Laser gas mixtures are used for beam generation in a wide variety of carbon dioxide lasers. When designed with a proper delivery system, this gas combination can help you achieve optimal laser performance, maximum efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs.

Mixing gas for welding

A 75/25 argon and CO2 combination is usually considered the best overall choice for MIG welding, so this is our main recommendation at Parsia Gas. Also, sometimes the triple combination of helium, argon and CO2 is used.

Medical gas mixture

With medical gas mixtures, you get gases that have the highest levels of purity, compatibility and compliance with standards. It also increases the quality of your medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and productivity work.