How to determine the purity of oxygen?


How to determine the purity of oxygen?

Required reagents:
  1. Copper wire
  2. Ammoniacal ammonium solution
To prepare solution number 2, 550 grams of ammonium chloride must be dissolved in 1085 ml of distilled water and 917 ml of ammonium hydroxide product is added to it. Overview of equipment
تعیین خلوص اکسیژن
Container A contains ammonia solution Container C containing copper wire container D solution holder

Before starting the work, adjust the amount of oxygen gas input to be tested and tank C, which contains copper wire, turn the tank upside down and close its lid tightly (tank C should be filled with spiral copper wire or any other shape.)

Then, tank C is filled with ammonia table and placed in the system, and container A, which is filled to about 3/4 of ammonia, is placed in a position where the buret (container B) is completely filled with ammonia solution and after This step connects the desired oxygen gas inlet hose to the system so that the oxygen gas enters container B and then opens the buret valve so that the oxygen from container B enters tank C and reacts with the copper wires in container C for ease of transfer. It is better to move the oxygen gas from tank B to tank C so that tank C is filled with oxygen and the valve of tank B is closed.

When measuring the purity, we introduce 100 cc of oxygen into the burette to react with copper and ammonia solution.

Ammonia copper elixir is removed from the operating environment.

The empty volume is actually impurities.

Burette, two-way valve, to determine the volume of oxygen gas entered and remove excess ammonia solution, we have a container containing copper spirals and a volume control tank.

Basis of work:

Oxygen reacts with copper metal in the presence of saturated ammonia solution and is absorbed by it.

Based on the initial volume of gas entered into the system and the final volume remaining after testing, the amount of oxygen gas impurities is determined based on volume percentage, based on which the purity of oxygen can be determined.

In some of the methods of this test, it is mentioned that 30 minutes should be given to this test so that oxygen can completely penetrate and act in tank C (the mechanism is that oxygen reacts with copper metal in the presence of saturated ammonia solution and is absorbed by it.) After 30 minutes, open the valve of container B again to connect tank C and container B again and obtain the impurity level of oxygen gas from B side.

تجهیزات اندازه گیری خلوص اکسیژن
Preparation of reagents: copper metal is coiled so that the length of each coil is 1.5 to 2 cm and the diameter of the coil is 0.9 cm. – Ammonia solution in aluminum: 550 gr NH4 CL Aluminum chloride 1o85 cc NH3       The darker the color of the product, it shows that the solution is older and does not give us an accurate answer that it should be renewed. This method has a good repeatability that should be less than 0.01%.
  • The system must be completely isolated.
  • There should be no air penetration or leakage.
  • The copper metal container should always be full.

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